The Long Expected Day

Today. Today has been stressed over, prayed over and joyfully danced over. Today, I get to fly home and add the finishing touches to my dream wedding. And have it! 

As many of you know, Zach and I are married and have been for six months (CRAZY! I know!). But since the wedding back in October was so small and partially unexpected, we didn’t get to have the party, or the celebration that we wanted. 

So, Zach and I petitioned to leave the country and celebrate our wedding at the end of April.  Waiting for the government to provide permission to leave is hard, especially when your friends and family keep asking what the plan is, or even if it’s still happening. It was hard, I’m not going to lie. Having people doubt that something you’ve been praying over for 19 months won’t happen. A lot of pain and fear strolled in. But a lot of praying streamed out of my heart.

This day has spent so much time in my mind that it’s hard to fathom it’s happening. The long waits and unknowns weighed on me for the latter half of last year. But as 2017 rolled in, I felt God’s peace sweep into my soul. I was praying for revival and for His will to be done. And as I waited and prayed fervently, God showed me the importance of His power and perfect timing. God is faithful as always, and provided my permission to leave at the perfect time. 

The weeks preceding my permission, Zach and I received several gifts that helped us set up our future. We got hope to live with a little less stress for our future. God gave us great gifts ahead so that when my permission came in the mail, we had no boundaries to stop us from planning full force. There was NOTHING that stood in our way for this day. He made it possible so that nothing else could take His praise and glory.

My prayers focused on seeking the Lord and having His will for us. And that our second wedding day be honouring and glorifying to Him. Zach and I wouldn’t have been here without Him so we wanted to give all the credit to Him. He deserved it. He longs for it. He rejoices in it. 

When I opened the government letter that said I could travel, I knew that God wanted this day too. I knew that He has bigger plans in store for us and that we could go further in His will. I am so thankful for His providence and faithfulness. Also His perfect planning. He cared enough about me to hear me and bless my desire for more of Him. 

“In my distress, I called to the Lord, I called out to my God. From His temple, He heard my voice. My cried came to His ears” 2 Samuel 22:7

God hears us when we pray. I’m not saying that He will do everything we ask. But I do believe that praying for His will and surrendering our desires for Him and sharing our heart with Him, He will provide the BEST blessings – because it’s what we’ve been asking for. 

We’ve waited for this day for me to leave and go HOME. And now it’s here! I am filled with so much joy and nervousness as I am waiting in the airport. I’m reminded of the trials, the doubt and the fear. The what ifs that I wasted time thinking about. But I’m also humbled that I waited patiently for His perfect blessing. 

I’m reminded of another time that God’s perfect time proved the greatest blessing. The resurrection. The rising of Jesus from the dead. God had a plan all along and waited so perfectly for it to be fulfilled. Jesus (fully man and fully God) knew the plan and still sought strength from His Father to complete the actions leading to the cross. I’m amazed that Jesus loves me (loves us) so much to stick through the painful death on the cross so that He could save us and rejoice with us, as His bride. 

I never understood that metaphor until I got married. And I’m humbled to know that God looks at me as His bride. He’s excited to see me, He has cleansed me and He wants to declare His love for me to all. I’m speechless to think that He went so far to die for me so that I can come to Him clean. 

He paved the way for us to walk with Him and bring us forward into perfect unity. I pray that this Easter, you’re reminded of the love He has for us, and how the long expected day (the resurrection) was so worth it. The day of His saving was planned from the beginning and waited for, prophesied over and praised over. Trust the Author of all creation to know what’s best and seek His will. 

Thank you Jesus for dying for me. Thank you for taking my sin away and making an open path to you. 


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